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The lamp is charged via USB 2.0 cable which is provided with the lamp. You can simply plug the charger into the side at the base of the lamp. The charging cable is universal, therefore you can plug it in to any USB 2.0 outlet (110V-240V).

The lamp will work even when plugged in with the batteries drained. Therefore you can definitely use it plugged it and never worry about recharging it.

Our standard 5W, 5V LED bulb has a nice warm glow and has equivalent output to a traditional 50W light bulb.

All of our lamps use a 5 volt LED bulb, not your standard 110/220 volt bulbs you find at the hardware stores. PLEASE do not use our included 5 volt bulb in a standard socket. If you need a bulb replacement or are curious about options, please contact us.

While the table lamp is designed to be weatherproof, do not submerge the lantern in water or use it in extreme weather situations.

Use a very slightly damp cloth to wipe down the table lamps carefully. Do not use any chemical cleaners.

Yes, all batteries will eventually wear out(This is a matter for five years later). If you need to dispose of your battery, please contact a lithium battery recycling facility. You can contact us to purchase new batteries. Please note; lithium batteries like to be charged. Prolonged inactivity or operating in high temperature, may impair performance and shorten the battery life.

The rechargeable batteries we use in our lamps like to be exercised! To explain you should always use the lamp until it is completely dead then fully charge it up. If you do not follow this process the batteries will develop a “memory” and will never fully charge to maximum capacity again.

We recommend recharging the lamps every 2 months and leaving for no more than 3 months without charging. Store the lamp in a dry and cool place preferably no higher than 25c, elevated temperature will increase permanent battery discharge rate. This prevents the battery from dropping below 2.50V per cell, triggering sleep mode. Li-ion will no longer be recoverable if kept below 2.00V per cell for more than a week.

Yes! The design intent of the lantern is to look authentic to the original miner lights used decades ago. As such, it is expected that the brass and copper elements of the lantern will age over time. Each lantern will age differently and is not considered a defect, but a unique distinguishing feature.


All of our products are shipped from China.

We're proud to offer ✈️Free worldwide Shipping on ALL Items!Expedited shipping charges are based on the size, weight and destination of the product ordered.

It usually takes 72 hours to prepare the goods, and standard delivery generally requires 10-15 days. Expedited shipping will have a relatively shorter delivery time.

We usually use USPS/ FedEx/ China Post/ Yun Express. DHL can be used with extra cost if you need.

Yes, we have priority to arrange your items if you need. But it is better to choose the expedited logistics before you place the order, so that your order can be delivered in time for your project.

As soon as we confirm that the package is lost, or you provide photos or videos of the damaged item, we will resend the product free of charge or issue a refund.

Our goal is to process orders quickly. If you need to make changes, please contact us immediately at Contact@cordless-lamps.com, and we will do our best to assist. Once your order has shipped, we may not be able to make changes.

To cancel your order, please email us at Contact@cordless-lamps.com with your order number and the reason for cancellation. If your order hasn't been dispatched, we will assist you in canceling it and processing a refund.

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item.

We offer a 1-year warranty to cover the lamp and all parts. To read more details, please visit Product Quality Assurance.

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