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Edwin Fewtrell

Living in Florida we like to make sure we have supplies handy in case of hurricanes, this light fits that bill really well and looks great doing it. The light has a great retro lantern look and the copper color is great. I was pleasantly surprised by the weight, it is a hefty little thing making me feel like it is more durable and won't get knocked over easily. I would recommend this for anyone camping or preparing their survival packs.

Thomas Kollbach

This lantern is much sturdier than I imagined. It is made of brass and cast aluminum, is quite heavy, and is well-crafted.

Juris Sarmons

I purchased this light because we have had frequent power outages this summer due to storms. I wanted something attractive that I come leave on display until needed. Also good for outdoor dining in the evenings.

Beverly Elmer

This is a nice looking lamp. Great for camping, when the power goes out, or just in place of a relaxing candle.

Donald Chaput

Just love these lanterns. Can be used outside on patio. We use as a nite light in bathroom

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